CSP Victall 2017 1st Basketball Game Successfully Closed

The CSP Victall's first basketball game was successfully held

In order to enrich the life of the employees, we should give full play to the team spirit of the employees and enhance the cohesion and the sense of belonging among employees. Our company holds a basketball match in the company's basketball court at 16:00 PM on March 16, 2017. The production team consists of the production department, equipment department, purchasing logistics department and quality inspection department, which is responsible for the technical team composed of the project department and the technical department.

Before the opening, everyone say hello to each other and salute, shouted the slogan of "friendship first, competition second", after the match began, athletes' competitive consciousness is inspired, don't pass any opportunities to score, the crowd is enthusiastic, cheering and Shouting for the basketball match growing atmosphere. After 60 minutes of intense competition, the final run team beat the technical team by 42:41.

In this activity, all the athletes, referees, staff and audience's performance is very good, staff security work is very positive, the referee is fair, all the athletes truly reflects the friendship first, competition second spirit, showing the high level .

In the future, our company will continue to enrich employees' lives for the purpose, from promoting employees' physical and mental health perspectives, to organize colorful activities to enhance the corporate culture construction of our company.