2017 CSP Victall Annual Meeting

Time flies, the busy 2016 passed by before you can say Jack Robinson. The 2017 full of expectations is already in sight. A New Year, new target and new hope. The CSP Victall Annual Meeting with the theme of "high speed development, high technology innovation and high quality service" was held in Tangshan Gardening Hotel in Jan 9th , 2017. All the staff have a joyous gathering and celebrating. The general manager Mr. Carlos Song and the chief operating officer Mr. Ted Henecke on behalf of the management team, respectively, extending the holiday greetings and blessings to all the staff.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, all employees watched the company's construction video. The video shows the company's major changes since the start of 2015, and the uniform vigorous team spirits. After watching the video, the general manager of the company Mr. Carlos Song delivered the New Year speech, Mr. Carlos Song said: “Since its founding in 2015, CSP Victall like a toddler, experience the fall, then gradually grow to a child. Looking back on the development of two years, can’t have without the joint efforts of team members. On the occasion of the New Year, on behalf of the board of directors and the management team, I would like to extend my cordial greetings and sincere wishes to all the colleagues who worked hard in the past year. Subsequently, Mr. Carlos Song reviewed the company's work in 2016, and put forward new goals and requirements for the work in 2017.

At the annual meeting, the staff brought a variety of dizzying performances, which like dance, singing, musical performances. During performances are also interspersed with lottery draw and games. The annual meeting has entered the most intense moment as the extraction of the prize. The annual meeting not only brings cheers and laughter, but also let the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. The performances and games pushed the annual meeting to one climax after another, also showed the joy and harmony of our CSP Victall family.

The glorious and brilliant 2016 is over, and 2017 is coming, full of hope and challenge. In the past year, we have had difficult, smile and achievement. In 2017, we are full of hope, passion, let us together with confidence and courage, to write a more splendid future!