Environmental Protection

CSP Victall dedicates to the sustainable development of the earth.
For us,the "lightweight" is not only a part of our business,
It also shows us the human and environmental responsibility;
The environmental protection, ss the core of our work,
This will take care of all the people around us:
Our customers, employees and the area.

Since CSP Victall’s establishment, the company has invested in the installation of a leading environmental protection facility
Such as,
The introduction of advanced dust removal devices to prevent air pollution;
Install lampblack purifier to absorb the smoke in the canteen and protect the environment;
Internal practice of "waste sorting treatment", to promote the continuous improvement in employees’ life;
Respond positively to the latest requirements of national environmental protection,
Not only for employees to create a green, healthy and safe working environment,
More committed to the sustainable development of the planet.

Social Responsibility